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Curator and collector Jay Jennings displays just a small sample from the Knott's Berry Farm Museum's vast collection of vintage memorabilia dating as far back as the late-1920s. These rare items include menus, maps, matchbooks, ashtrays, cigarette lighters, films, toys, books, brochures, pictorial guides, magazines, tickets, mugs, shot glasses, spoons, snapshots, postcards, signed letters, and much more. Many of these one-of-a-kind items were donated to the museum by past farm employees and even the Knott family themselves.

Placemat, Coin Bank, Music Box, Tie Rack, and Liberty Bell

LP, Toy Wagon, Jam Jar, Oil Lamp, and Sugar Jar

Drinking Glasses, Shot Glasses, and Matchbooks


Serving Trays and Dinner Plate

Walter Knott's Cashbox

Covered Wagon Diorama Card

First Catalog

Early Pie Tin

Panned Gold

Glow-In-The-Dark Jesus Card

Early Menu

Early Map

Personal Letter Signed by Walter Knott